Quote machine: 2008 US Open, Day 1


Originally published on: 26/02/10 14:37

Novak Djokovic on jet-lag
I went from Cincinnati, I went back home and then went to Beijing and then came here. Everything in 10 days. You can imagine how I feel.

Elena Dementieva on that gold
I was holding it for three days.

Na Li on New York
I like the street number five [Fifth Avenue]. I was talk to my husband. I say, Okay, after the match we have to go there. He say, ‘no’. Save the money for me. I stay in the house. So after the match I will go there. I mean, I didn’t care about him, so I go myself. Taking credit card. That’s it.

Rafa Nadal on whether the balls this year are heavier
I think yes, no?

Rafa Nadal on taking one match at a time
I never talk about playing against Federer. You talk a lot.

Jelena Jankovic on scouting opponents
I didn’t know my opponent very well, I didn’t know who she is, the way she plays. All I knew she was a junior and I only heard that she was 16 years old they said when they were introducing her on the court.

Jelena Jankovic on having no injuries to moan about
Well, at the moment, you know, I’m healthy, and I don’t want to talk about that.

Andy Murray on his new hobby
I started collecting these pins from your country [at the Olympics]. And you go and you speak to the other athletes and switch pins and stuff, and that was one of the highlights to me. I got to speak to people from the Cook Islands, British Virgin Islands, and I collected like 120 pins.

Elena Dementieva on why her Olympic gold is special
In Russia, if you stop anyone in the street and ask what is a Grand Slam, I don’t think many people can tell you what is this. But everyone knows the Olympic Games.

Elena Dementieva on life after Justine
We never had anything like Justine who was able to win every single tournament that she was playing.

Na Li on watching Agassi as she was growing up
I watch like television and he was play. I mean, in China, if men have long hair they think always like bad guy, okay? And also, I saw he have a earring. In China, that’s like no possible you can do in China for the men.

Qualifier Ryler De Heart on his guaranteed $30,000
That’s more than half I made in the whole year, I think. So, like, that doesn’t make sense, does it? I made, let’s see, 20,000 or something.

Novak Djokovic on Rafa as top seed
You’ve got to give a lot of credit to Rafa. He’s been playing best tennis of his career this year, and he deserves to be No.1.

Lindsay Davenport on being supermum
My son comes down [to practice with me] and there’s a playground right there, so he alternates between running around on court and playing on the playground. Then he goes down for his nap and I go to work out and I come home.


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