Power up your serve! Learn to hit a serve with the accuracy & consistency of Roger Federer


The legendary Roger Federer uses his serve as his most important weapon to get ahead in every service game and dominate his opponents from the start. Now you can too can learn to hit your serve with the same effortless power and accuracy that roger has achieved through his incredible career. Just follow our expert guidance frame by frame as we talk you through each stage of his action with easy to follow guidance



Ultimate weapon

Roger Federer’s serve is consistently accurate and is perhaps the foundation of his success. I think only Pete Sampras and Bjorn Borg before him and Novak Djokovic since have had such precision on serve.

Federer uses and controls spin to create precision with power, which makes it difficult for his opponents to attack his serve or consistently get a good hot on the ball. Federer can serve a bomb down at 130mph, but mostly his serve speeds are in the 115 mph – 120 mph range, which allows for a high percentage.

It is difficult for any plater to beat Federer if his first-serve percentage stays above 60%. On the grass his slice serve is particularly potent wide on the deuce court and down the “T” in the advantage court. He also has an accurate second serve and throws the occasional kick serve


About the coach

David has more than 25 years experience coaching pros to career-high rankings, many of whom have represented their countries in the Davis Cup and Olympics. David, who became an official ATP coach in 2014, regularly contributes to the UK’s tennis media, including BBC Radio 5 Live, The Times newspaper and Sky Sports. In 2014, he released a psychology and coaching book – ‘Locker Room Power: Building an Athlete’s Mind’ which you can read here

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