Play the world, and Wii-n Wimbledon!


Originally published on: 26/02/10 15:33

Tennis computer gaming is set to step up a notch this summer with the arrival of EA Sports’ Grand Slam Tennis.

In addition, EA Sports has lifted the lid on their Wii Tennis sim, featuring real-life Tour players, locations and new and improved MotionPlus support.

Grand Slam Tennis will feature your favourite high profile players and real-life locations, but mixing it up with a stylised art direction. Apparently, you’ll be able to create your own players, compete in a Grand Slam career mode and even rack up experience on the hallowed turf of Wimbledon’s Centre Court.

“I love the fluid motion and elegance of the sport – it really is beautiful to watch”

“On the Wii, Grand Slam Tennis bring the authentic motion and excitement of championship tennis to life for fans of all ages and skill levels,” said Peter Moore, President of EA Sports. “With the new Wii MotionPlus, slicing a winner on Centre Court at Wimbledon has never felt better!”

Lead producer Thomas Singleton cannot hide his passion for the game. “I love the fluid motion and elegance of the sport – it really is beautiful to watch. You are really able to see inside a player and witness their personal expression with the passion that they exude.

And Singleton is confident that Grand Slam Tennis is going to change the way that sports games on the Wii are produced and played – even down to the fashion.

“I really enjoy the fashion in todays tennis. Players take pride in what they wear and its cool to look good and to accessorize your game. Some of the players to be featured in Grand Slam Tennis definitely know how to turn heads with what they wear on the court!

“One of the things that I love about the game is the fact that youre in the spot light every time you step onto the court. Each player represents their country when theyre on that court and it brings that Olympic vibe to every tournament and every match.

“The risk-reward behind the big serve is something that is un-matched in many other sports. There can be so much on the line. There are so many games within the game – serving, net play, even arguing with the umpire!”

There’s still a bit of a wait ahead for budding gamers – Grand Slam Tennis on the Nintendo Wii hits the stores on June 18. But for a sneak peek, check out our gallery and the EA Sports website for updates.


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