Photo gallery special: Getting pumped!


Originally published on: 26/02/10 15:00

How a big moment in a game, a set, a match or even a career is celebrated can say a lot about a player.

Take Rafael Nadal for instance. His tennis is a joy to watch, full of power, intensity and passion just like his on-court celebrations.

Others are, quite frankly, an embarrassment to their trade. Tim Henmans apologetic fist pump became the topic of national debate while Richard Gasquets excuse for an aggressive fist clench needs some serious work in the technical department his heart just isnt in it.

We reckon Nadal has the largest variety of celebrations in the game today which is only right for the worlds best player. Its probably because he gets so much practice.

It would be so wrong if Rafa celebrated some of the defining moments of his career his Olympic gold, his fourth French Open title, his first Wimbledon crown with a wet fist pump and a shy smile.

A big achievement deserves a big celebration and Rafa has an arsenal of victory salutes to choose from depending on the size of task completed.

Theres the understated clenched left fist (a break point maybe), the rising left arm with fist (perhaps after winning a set) and sometimes he even brings his left leg into play, raising his knee to his chest in sequence with his left arm (probably keeps that for match points).

Occasionally, hell perform a left-arm throwing motion (with clenched fist), sometimes even both fists at the same time and every now and then hell go into the


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