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Paula Badosa angrily denies claims she has ‘destroyed’ Stefanos Tsitsipas’ career

Paula Badosa has angrily hit back at suggestions from some that he relationship with Stefanos Tsitsipas is ‘destroying’ the Greek ace’s career.

Badosa, a former WTA world number two who is currently battling injury, has been dating Tsitsipas for a number of months now and they have become one of the most high-profile power couples in tennis.

Tsitsipas himself has spoken before about the positive influence the Spaniard is having on his life, but not everyone is convinced and there has been accusations from some that she is, in fact, a harmful influence on his tennis.

Badosa, though, says those claims cut her deep, and hearing them has a more negative impact on Tsitsipas than she ever will.

“That has hurt me a lot, because, with the whole issue of the injury, I have actually been able to dedicate myself quite a bit to helping him,” Badosa told El Pais.

“We both love tennis and he is also a super-working person, we are very similar in the goals we set for ourselves. We talk a lot about tennis, and we help each other a lot.”

“As you can see, I have gone to the court to support him or to the gym to accompany him, always respecting the times and his people, his team; He has also supported me a lot with the injury, so when we read those things it impacts us.

“Sometimes people are not able to understand how that can affect you, or affect a relationship. I can understand that we are public figures and that we are exposed, but in the end, we are two 25-year-old children, and all this is delicate because it is an innocent relationship.”

“We have met, and it has arisen, and for people to go around saying things is quite serious because they are destroying the career of someone who has spent his entire life dedicating himself to what he does. I don’t think that giving an opinion this way is very humane.”


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What has Stefanos Tsitsipas said about Paula Badosa

Stefanos Tsitsipas is known for being passionate and quite spiritual away from the tennis court, so it is little surprise that he has spoken so highly of his relationship with Paula Badosa.

Earlier this year he gave a little more detail about their connection, explaining how the fact she knows the tennis life so well has proven to be an enormous help to him personally.

“I feel like we so much belong to each other, it’s one of a very rare thing and I feel like, I don’t want to sound cliche or cheesy but that’s how it is,” Tsitsipas said.

“It’s difficult to find a person that’s going to understand the life of a tennis player and subscribe to it and say ‘this is what I want to do,’ and in the case of Paula I feel like there’s nothing that is misunderstood or not in the same path, clear and certain.”

Tsitsipas has been linked romantically to both Naomi Osaka and Maria Sakkari before, although those relationships have never progressed beyond a very close friendship.

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