OneForty-Love: What’s up Doc?


Originally published on: 15/10/10 11:54

“Victoria Azarenka to see Doctor, errr, Azarenka.”

It certainly tickled the world No.10 on a visit to a sports medical clinic today, but that wasn’t the half of it. Actually scrap that, it was the half of it – and the other half of the Doc’s name was equally bizarre. Hands up who’s got an inkling of Dr Azarenka’s maiden name? Ahh, who are we to give the game away? We’ll let one of the Azarenka’s tell you

Yup, Victor Azarenka. What are the chances? You can’t help but wonder if the 21-year-old Belarusian would have been so-willingly checked over by ‘Karl Wozniacki’, ‘Angus Radwanska’ or ‘Alan Dementieva’. Perhaps ‘Tim Clijsters’ was in the vicinity waving a stethoscope about too. Okay, okay, I’ll stop now.

While Azarenka limbers up the legs ahead of next week’s Kremlin Cup, Svetlana Kuznetsova is gearing up for the Moscow tournament with a bit of crucial pre-tournament prep of her own. Ever wondered what you’ll need to win a match at WTA Tour level? Sveta’s got the answer… 

Fellow Russian Elena Dementieva turned 28 today and, plenty of ‘many happy returns’ later, the Moscow-born right-hander warmly dished the love right back.

Word of warning, think twice before you cross Elena Baltacha today – the Brit’s got a dark cloud overhead and can’t work out why. Happens to the best of us Bally – if i don’t get my hands on a coffee soon this keyboard and my head may reach a new (and decidedly rough) level of intamacy. Digression aside, Australia’s Jarmila Groth found herself in a similar mood earlier this week after running into a spot of car trouble in Istanbul. Turns out these tennis types ain’t kidding about the tough life on the road…

Elsewhere, Marcos Baghdatis has had some important business to attend to this week, Anne Keothavong felt a little like the walking dead in Linz, and Serena Williams has gone all philosophical. The 29-year-old American hasn’t contested a Tour match since winning Wimbledon, and it’s about time she was back out there doing what she does best. Not too sure we can deal with all this mushy stuff….


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