Novak Djokovic ATP Cup 2021

Novak Djokovic defied “whole Serbian team” by entering mixed doubles


A member of the Serbian Olympic team has revealed that the entry of Novak Djokovic into the event was entirely the world number one’s decision. 

Viktor Troicki, Olympic team coach and David Cup captain for Serbia, has stated that it was a complete surprise to see that the 20-time Slam champion decided to compete in the mixed doubles tournament.

“I was against it,” Troicki told the Associated Press. “The whole team was against it.

“I thought he had enough of tennis the last months. Really, he played so much.”

Djokovic entered the 16-pair draw of the mixed doubles alongside women’s world No. 92 Nina Stojanovic, with the duo since progressing to the semi-finals.

“Everyone was thinking about the singles,” Troicki continued on the decision from Djokovic.

“When he said he wanted to play mixed, I was like, ‘OK, [if] it means that much to him and he wants to prove that he’s ready and in the mixed matches he’s giving everything, he’s 100% focused on going all the way, then OK.’

“He’s looking for a harder challenge,” the Serb added jokingly.

“It’s working well so far. “I’m glad he’s having short matches in both events.”

In reaching the semi-finals of both the singles and mixed doubles, Djokovic did not drop a set.

Novak Djokovic ATP Cup 2021
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