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Novak Djokovic accused of talking ‘absolute nonsense’ by former top ten ace

Novak Djokovic has been accused of talking ‘absolute nonsense’ by Jurgen Meltzer for claiming the ATP had made a new rule against the PTPA.

Djokovic quit the ATP Players Council in August to start up the PTPA, an independent players union.

Last month he was nominated to re-join by other players, but he claimed he had been prevented by a new rule banning PTPA members from sitting on the Players Council.

However, former world number eight Meltzer has poured scorn on those claims.

“Novak Djokovic talks about the fact that certain regulations were put in place, overnight, so that no one from the PTPA was allowed to participate in the council,” Melzer said.

“This is absolute nonsense. These statutes have been in existence since 2006.”

“It seems quite logical to me that it is impossible to be in two associations which are ‘concurrent’.

“So I am surprised that Djokovic is surprised. And especially that he thinks that this rule has been developed against him overnight.”

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