New car is unwise, admits Tomic



Originally published on: 16/04/12 00:00

Given his recent experiences with traffic policemen in Australia, Bernard Tomic admitted that it “probably won’t be a good idea” to buy a car in his new home of Monaco.

Nevertheless, the world No.36 admitted that he had already got to know someone at the Maserati dealership close to his new home in the principality. “No police here in Monaco,” Tomic said with a laugh, referring to the brushes he had with the authorities back home earlier this year. Tomic was repeatedly pulled over by local police on the Gold Coast for allegedly breaching driving restrictions in his bright orange BMW.

Tomic has been trying to sell the car but without success so far. “It’s in Australia and I haven't been there in a while,” he said. “My Dad will manage to go back some time in the next few months and deal with that.”

The 19-year-old Australian also revealed that his father had recently been asked for his driving licence by a Monaco policeman in a random check. “The guy followed tennis,” Tomic said with a smile. “He said: ‘Oh yeah, how is it going with the car’?”

Tomic began his clay-court season with a 6-4, 6-3 victory over Denis Istomin in the first round at his new home event, the Monte Carlo Masters 1000. Although he has comparatively little experience on clay, the Australian believes it is a surface on which he can perform well.

“I'm starting to learn how to play on clay,” he said. “A lot of clay-court players play behind the line, but I think my tennis is something different. If I play my tennis, they struggle with my game, even on clay. I think this next six weeks will be very interesting to see how I go. And I think can do pretty good.”


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