Nadal tests innovative new Babolat racket


Originally published on: 02/04/12 21:17

Earlier this year, Babolat announced their vision to develop the innovative ‘Play and Connect’ tennis racket – a futuristic stick that collects data and allows you to evaluate your on-court performance. 

The French brand promised to unveil the prototype at Roland Garros this May and, as the second Grand Slam of the year approaches, the racket and apparel manufacturer have given us another teaser of what to expect from the upcoming product in a video featuring world No.2 Rafael Nadal and his coach and uncle Toni. 

In the video, filmed in his native Manacor, Nadal is seen poring over the collected data on screen after hitting with the revolutionary racket, which integrates sensors into the frame that record the flow of data to allow novices, amateurs and indeed professionals to measure and challenge their performance. 

By September, 100 prototype rackets will be tested around the world before the official launch of the stick in 2013. Babolat believe that the new bat will allow players to better understand their game and to improve their performance on the court in an enjoyable way.    

“Innovation is only valuable if it advances the game of tennis to the benefit of the greatest number of people,” the company’s president and CEO, Eric Babolat, said earlier this year.   

Click the below image to check out the very cool video.


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