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Murray meltdown at ‘we don’t give a ****’ mentality of French Open organisers


Jamie Murray directed strong criticism at French Open officials for their decisions concerning prize money ahead of this year’s tournament.

Jamie Murray unleashed a Twitter tirade on those in charge of staging the French Open, clearly showing his disapproval of the cut to the doubles prize money.

“On top of twice moving their event dates to suit themselves, the FFT continues their “we don’t give a ****” mentality by cutting the doubles prize fund by 23%,” he declared in the tweet.

While players generally accept that a cut in prize money is necessary given the loss of revenue due to the pandemic, the reduction for doubles shows a stark contrast with the figure for singles.

In comparison, the singles total prize pool has been cut by less than 10% compared to 2020.

Jamie Murray continued his rant in another tweet, sarcastically thanking the French Open for their support of all players and for allowing a single team member to support at the event.

“Ps. Your official hotel for doubles players is absolute toilet,” Murray made sure to add.

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