Murray and Nadal: Socks and sun block


Originally published on: 30/05/12 00:00

As anyone who has played on clay knows, white socks have usually turned red by the end of a match. Some players might be tempted to wear new kit for every match they play, but not Murray.

“I only wear old socks,” Murray said after beating Japan’s Tatsuma Ito in his first match at the French Open. “I don't like new ones. My feet slip in the shoe a lot, so I always wear old socks. But I'm just trying to see if these ones are stained or not. These ones are all right. They're old. I guess they come out providing you wash them. Also I wear the ankle brace, as well, so that helps.”

Murray said he likes to wear new socks “just to walk around in, and the old ones to play matches in.”  Who washes the socks? “I did my washing about four or five days ago in the hotel. I'm capable of doing that.”

Nadal, meanwhile, was asked after his opening victory over Simone Bolelli, which was played during the hottest part of the day, whether he wore sun block. “No, I should use sun protection creams, but I can't,” the world No.2 said.

“I can't play with this. I have the impression that afterwards my skin is sticky, and I don't like feeling this, something sticky on my skin. That's awful. If I touch my nose or my face then I have the impression that even my hands are sticky. Even during practice I don't use sun protection cream. I should perhaps.”

As a native of Majorca, it is perhaps no surprise that Nadal enjoys the sun. “When it's that hot, it's simpler, because the surface is harder, and then the balls bounce higher, and they're snappier,” he said. “The conditions are faster, and you can slide better.  Whereas when it's wet or raining, then there is moisture or humidity in the clay. The conditions are slower. You can run faster, but I love the sun. I love it when it's warm out there.”


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