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More than one winner in the Halle Open: FANtium sees record demand

As tennis enthusiasts, we’re always on the lookout for exceptional tournaments and innovative ways to engage with the sport and athletes. FANtium, a pioneer in the realm of sports ownership and fan engagement, has taken the tennis world by storm. The recent Halle Open, was not only a spectacle of exceptional tennis but also a harbinger of victory for the FANtium community.

What set this year’s tournament apart was the emergence of more than one winner. While the athletes battled it out on the courts, exhibiting relentless drive and competitiveness, FANtium holders found themselves in a sweet spot of victory and enthusiasm.

FANtium’s Rocketing Demand: Sold Out in 48h!

The triumph of Alexander Bublik (ranked ATP #26) at the Halle Open had a domino effect on FANtium. With a 400% increase of monthly token sales, Bublik’s win turned out to be a Grand Slam for the platform and its users. This surge can be attributed to Bublik’s soaring popularity and surge in prize money earned, as fans rallied behind him, eager to be a part of his journey.

FANtium enables fans to invest in athletes and in turn get a stake in their future success. Athletes tokenize a share of their future earnings, offering these as NFTs to fans. In the case of Alexander Bublik, 10% of the 2023 season earnings were sold to fans upfront. This model not only provides a unique form of fan engagement but also supports up-and-coming talents financially to kick-start their careers.

Profitable Ventures for Team Bublik Token Holders

The title in Halle and the subsequent €477,795 in prize money earned by Bublik, was the ace that served investors well. Holders of this token not only supported their favourite player but also reaped financial rewards, with €47,795 paid back to fans from this single title. Additionally, being a part of Team Bublik means joining a tight-knit community and gaining access to unique perks such as tournament tickets, private chats, and video calls with the athlete.

Bublik Tokens: Still Available!

With the demand soaring, Bublik’s tokens on FANtium sold out quickly. Fans can still acquire these tokens through secondary markets, ensuring the opportunity to be part of Bublik’s exciting journey and share in his triumphs.


Fantium Darja


Introducing the Next Star: Darja Semenistaja

FANtium’s momentum doesn’t stop with Bublik, the spotlight is now on the next sensation in tennis, 20-year-old Darja Semenistaja (ranked WTA #208). With her recent achievements, such as winning the Prague Open (ITF W-60), she can now enter WTA and Grand Slam tournaments, debuting at Roland Garros, she reached the third round qualifying at Wimbledon, the second Grand Slam of her career. With lots of positives on the horizon, fans are eagerly waiting to see what’s next for her. You can become part of her journey through FANtium here: LINK.

The Halle Open proved to be a pivotal moment for FANtium, with surging demand, profitability for token holders, and the introduction of new talents like Darja. For fans, this is not just an investment, it’s an opportunity to be woven into the fabric of the sport they love.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Head over to Fantium today to invest in the future of tennis, engage with the community, and be a part of the most exhilarating moments in sports history. Be the change, be the support, and be the fan that makes a difference.

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