ASICS Mental Health 2024

Mental health benefits of tennis proven by research study

ASICS have announced the results of their first Uplift Through Tennis Study, with the benefits of playing the sport being showcased by the Japanese trainer giant.

The study included over 2,300 people from the United Kingdom, with it being revealed that people who play tennis have an average State of Mind Score 12% higher than those who do not.

In more specific measurements, tennis players were also reported to be 26% more positive, 21% more able to cope with stress and 10% more focussed in comparison to those who do not play tennis.

With ASICS being a tennis trainer specialist, they also decided to investigate the effect that wearing tennis trainers can have in comparison to regular trainers.

And in this report, it showed that wearing tennis trainers led to a 12% higher State of Mind Score than regular trainers.


ASICS Mental Health 2024


These results are something that ASICS athlete and British No.2 Harriet Dart revealed that resonates with her, I’m delighted to be working with a brand that is looking at the relationship between mental wellbeing, movement and tennis at a deeper levelThe results of the research really align with what I’ve experienced during my tennis career. I always notice a massive difference in my mental wellbeing and confidence when I’m injured or not training regularly.

“While the positive experiences of competition can give me a huge mental boost, playing tennis for fun also uplifts me. I hope others can experience this too through our free training sessions and beyond.”

ASICS Mental Health 2024

There was also research into the different demographics in this study, with women being surveyed as scoring a 6% lower State of Mind than males.

Age was also a demographic investigated in this study, with millenials (27-43) scoring a 20% lower State of Mind score than people aged 60-69.

This is something that Head of Physical Activity for Mind, Hayley Jervis, noted, “Not only does the research highlight the clear link between tennis and the mental wellbeing boost it can bring, but it has also provided valuable insights into the people who could benefit most.

“We know movement can play an important role in helping us all to stay well, reducing the risk of depression by 20-30%. We hope that through our work with ASICS, we see more Brits engaging with regular physical activity such as playing tennis, which will hopefully improve their overall mental wellbeing.”

ASICS are looking to take advantage of the information provided in this study, offering free coaching sessions via Emma Wells Tennis academy for six weeks from July.

To get involved in this great offer and take advantage of the benefits that tennis can have on your mental health, click the link here.

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