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Me and my racket: Grigor Dimitrov


Originally published on: 10/07/13 00:00

What was the first racket you ever used? 
Hmm, Yonex maybe? Wow. Yeah, I think Yonex. I’m pretty sure. I think it was dark red and black.

What do you look for in a racket now? 
Well, I think at the moment I have the best racket I could probably dream of. My Wilson racket is a great piece, it’s really an art I have to say. I have always been looking for the perfect racket that has good power and good balance because the small things always make the biggest differences. And, of course, the string [you use] matters a lot, a lot, a lot for the racket. I’m definitely looking for power and a lot of control on the ball because I want the racket to really suit my game and the way I’m presenting myself on court. I think it always takes time for players to find the right one.

What strings do you use and what tension do you string at?
I change my tension sometimes but usually it’s between 23- 24kg and I play with a natural gut, Luxilon. Do you change your string tension depending on the environment? It depends. For example, in Australia it’s always tough to find the right balance in the string because one day it’s hot and one day it’s cold so you have to really be on top of things and make the right adjustments. It takes a bit of time.

How long have you been playing with Wilson?
I think over three years now. I chose them for a lot of reasons. I think the service is great and the people that are working for Wilson are doing a tremendous job on and off the tour and that helps a lot of players. You always get deliveries on time and strings and rackets, whatever you need.

The Wilson ProStaff has a long history with many greats having used it, including Pete Sampras and Roger Federer. Is that part of the appeal to you? 
I mean, of course. I know quite a lot about how the racket progressed through the years and who played with it. It is cool, of course, but you don’t have to be influenced by that because it can kind of mess up your mind a little bit. That’s why you have to find the racket that feels best in your hands. What racket characteristics complement your game style? It’s quite a heavy racket, but I’m also looking for the balance to be a bit high up – head heavy. I mean, there is not that much you can do to customise a racket except the grip and the balance. I think a comfortable grip that you feel good with also makes a difference.

Are the racket’s cosmetics important to you?
Of course, all the time. I think Wilson rackets have the best cosmetics on tour at the moment.

Is racket technology something that interests you?
Yeah, a lot actually. I was at the factory at Wilson and saw a lot of things, like how they make the rackets and I think it’s really fascinating what they put into making one of these things. It definitely makes you not want to break a racket any more!

Is smashing rackets something you used to do a lot?
Ha. I think I won’t comment on that. I had my times!

Have you kept any rackets from tournaments you’ve played well at?
I think I’ll keep the racket and the outfit from my first ATP title, if I ever do that. Definitely.



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