Martina watch: Pass the earplugs


Originally published on: 26/02/10 15:04

As the bitching, back-stabbing and blubbing Martina Navratilova is keeping spirits up with more singing.

Last week Martina and Star Trekker George Takei entertained their new friends with a few songs and over the weekend the tennis star teamed up with British TV presenter Esther Rantzen for another sing-song.

The pair relaxed by the campfire while murdering George Gershwins jazz classic Our Love Is Here to Stay before Martina revealed shes running into underwear problems.

The 52-year-old American told the Bush Telegraph that shes a pair of knickers down after they fell onto the campfire while drying over the flames.

Martina battled to save her charcoaled kecks but was forced to admit defeat and as the winner of 59 grand slam titles, thats not something shes used to.

Losing is beginning to feel altogether more familiar, though, after the Czech-born star volleying duel with Dani Behr.

Navratilova may have found one area where she reigns supreme, however. She has been sharing her toilet habits with campmates and admitted to a marathon wee that she timed at one minute and 40 seconds.

And they say reality TV is degrading…

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