Maria Sharapova set to be an MTV star?


Originally published on: 26/02/10 15:36

Glamorous tennis star Maria Sharapova has never been known for avoiding the public eye, so when it was documented that she may be producing her own drama series; tennishead were not too surprised.

According to MTV.

The story is to be based on Marias life on the professional tour and how she has emerged as one of the best female tennis stars in the world.

MTV has agreed to the concept, SportsBusiness Journal said, but in order for MaShas concept to be finalised, MTV must firstly agree to a pilot that Maria, her IMG agent Max Eisenbud and her screenwriters produce.

The proposed Sharapova production would follow the Sharapova character from the age of 16, enabling the series to focus on her life just before she won Wimbledon in 2004.

It sure does sound like an exciting venture and if it goes ahead we could all learn more about the off-court life of a WTA Tour star.

This has got us thinking about tennis stars starring in TV shows. So, wed like to hear from you about what classic British or American TV shows you would like to see remade, but with tennis stars?

Who would you cast in Red Dwarf, or The Good Life or indeed Baywatch? Answers on a digital postcode (or alternatively in the comment box below).


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