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Mantis add strings to growing collection


Originally published on: 24/04/12 00:00

Advancements in racket technology during the 80s and 90s may have thoroughly changed the complexion of the sport and ushered in the age of the power player, but since the turn of the millennium it is strings that have emerged as the premier game changer. Synthetic and polyester alternatives to natural gut have been redeveloped and diversified to cater for the demands of every player and choosing the right string is now just as important as picking the right frame to play with.

In recognition of that very fact, emerging international brand Mantis have released three new strings to complement their existing collection.

The Power Polyester 1.30mm has been added alongside the existing 1.25mm string to provide a slightly thicker gauge for those looking for a powerful string with that little bit more durability in a material slightly more prone to breakage.

The Power Synthetic 1.30mm has been added on the same premise of more durability than the 1.25mm version, but suits those who prefer a soft string with gut-like feel.

A soft, comfortable string with minimal loss of tension and a high power level, the Comfort Polyester 1.25mm is already used on the ATP Tour and affords ‘a bit more bite on the ball’ than the thicker gauge of the 1.30mm string, according to Mantis.

Formed just three years ago in 2009, the company have moved at rapid pace. They stock a range of quality rackets and grips and recently acquired Greg Rusedski, who will have an active involvement in testing Mantis’ products, as brand ambassador.

“I’ll be testing the products – from the rackets to the strings to the grips – giving my input on the products and then also looking at players who possibly will use the brand in the future as well,” the former world No.4 told tennishead.

Rusedski, who works closely with British juniors, currently plays with the Mantis 305. “In November I picked up the racket for the first time, gave it a go and I liked it pretty much from the start,” he said. “It’s a British brand, it’s made in the UK and it’s a quality product.”

Click here to check out the current stock from Mantis. Keep an eye out for new strings and luggage from the brand, coming later in the year.


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