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Locker-room power for juniors


Originally published on: 26/02/10 16:33

Recently we brought you news of an equation that can improve your results on court.

Our resident coaching expert LRP) you will begin to get the upper hand over more and more opponents.

You can read all about the equation Desire+2Weapons + Belief = LRP here.

This time, Dave is going to apply the theory specifically to juniors under the age of 14.

For players in this age group the two weapons used to win matches are likely to be either:

1. Consistency and foot speed (good movement)

2. Earlier maturity, so there is an element of power with the consistency

3. Consistency and maintaining a mature level of concentration ahead of the others

4. Consistency and touch (the ability to hit drop shots, hit angles, change the length and lob fairly accurately)

Physical strength and growth/co-ordination limitations conspire against other children trying to build different weapons that will eventually be power-based or attacking-based weapons.

However, as these players move towards 14 there will be growing evidence of their ability to win points and matches over the consistency players.

If consistency is going to last as a weapon, use of accuracy and length combined with outstanding foot speed is essential.

Get practising kids!


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