How to choose a tennis racket

“Listen to your coach” says expert as he gives insider tips on how to choose a tennis racket

Ross Batten, the owner of All Things Tennis and tennishead’s trusted retail partner, offers some useful shopping tips when considering the purchase of your next tennis racket


When looking at buying a new tennis racket, what is the biggest mistake that players can make?

“Buying a racket based on its name. There’s a plethora of eye-catching names used by brands, such as Tour, Pro, MP and Superlite. We work closely with coaches to make sure the person who knows the player’s game best can recommend a suitable weight and a racket which will benefit their playing style.”


How many new rackets should a player test?

“I would always recommend sticking to two rackets that you like the specifications of. Any more and it becomes difficult to distinguish the benefits of each racket.”


Is it better to buy a racket already with strings or to buy a frame-only racket?

“The correct string set-up is so under-rated when picking a new racket. After all, the strings are the part of the racket touching the ball. Strung rackets normally come with cheaper factory strings, strung in a rush. That’s why All Things Tennis offers a free premium string upgrade, with a selection of the most popular strings on the market so you get that perfect set-up in your new racket.”


The pros take lots of rackets on court. How many of the same type should you buy when purchasing a new racket?

“Having a second or third racket strung the same way is crucial when you’re competing. It’s super frustrating when you’re playing a great match and a string pops and you have to adjust to a racket that feels completely different.”


How often should the average club player update their racket?

“It all depends on whether their current racket is right for them. As your game improves you can take advantage of the extra benefits of a slightly heavier racket, or maybe a racket to help you develop more easy power or more spin. My best advice is to speak to your club coach.”


How often should the average club player restring their racket?

“Don’t wait until your string breaks. All strings lose tension over time and don’t feel as good as new strings. There’s a reason pros get their rackets restrung before every match: a freshly restrung racket feels great and can give you the extra boost in a match. Also, modern polyester strings are stiff and tough for the average club player to break. They will become ‘dead’ before they break, which links to tennis elbow.”


Where is the best place to store your racket when you’re not playing? In the garden shed maybe?

“I’ve got nothing against sheds. They can be a nice place to escape the world! That said, modern tennis bags have special racket compartments which regulate the temperature of the rackets. This helps keep the strings feeling better for longer.”


What difference does the weight of a tennis racket make to your game?

“A huge difference. Extra weight gives the racket a more stable feel on impact. Also, heavier rackets are usually made less stiff in comparison to lighter rackets. A player with a naturally flatter playing style should always gravitate towards a heavier racket if they feel comfortable with the weight, while a nice light racket for juniors transitioning to adult rackets or for those looking to easily achieve more topspin is a good idea.”


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