Let Bjorn and Bibi spice up your love life…


Originally published on: 26/02/10 14:57

It was another fairly mundane Tuesday afternoon when an email dropped into the Tennishead inbox from Bjorn Borg.

Not the man himself, you understand. We may be well connected in the world of tennis, but that would be ridiculous.

No, an invitation from Bibi, the virtual hostess of his new dating service asking: what kind of love are you looking for?

We have found the perfect person for you! promised Bibi. This is probably your one true love, so please give this an honest chance! It will be worth it.

One click and we were inside the Borg website where, as instructed, we opened our hearts and jumped head-first into the brands latest marketing campaign Love For All.

The aim is simple Bjorn wants everybody to find love and to give us a helping hand his latest venture is a free dating service.

The virtual hostess Bibi takes down your particulars before matching you with a virtual partner. You’re shown a movie-style video of your date (starring yourself) which ends with footage of your wedding day before the chance to message them (slightly scary) or decide on divorce. You even get to flick through your own photo album (see above)!

Call us commitment phobic, but we went for a quick divorce. It was a Tuesday afternoon after all no time to be plunging head-first into marriage


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