Karlovic: I didn’t know my name



Originally published on: 12/07/13 00:00

The 6ft 10inch Croatian was diagnosed with viral meningitis in April when he became unwell at his home in Miami.

Speaking ahead of his return to action at the Hall of Fame Tennis Championship in Newport, Karlovic revealed he had lost consciousness and could not remember his own name.

“The doctors didn’t really know if I would recover 100 per cent,” Karlovic revealed. “I was unconscious for a long time. I didn’t know my name or what year it was. I was in a lot of pain. My right arm and my face was numb.

“The headaches lasted almost 10 days. I recalled my name after four days and the numbness disappeared after five days.”

Karlovic, who has struggled to regain fitness since recovering from the virus, admits he is just happy to be back on the court.

"The toughest part was fitness, and the fact that I didn’t know if it would happen again because there was still a virus in my head,” he said.

“I took to the practice court after one month. Five minutes one week and then every day. I really didn’t know that I would be back, so now it is good feeling because I feel no stress.

“It’s like a bonus. Every day now that I’m actually in a match, the atmosphere is like a bonus. I really like it now a lot more. I’m not fearful any more. The goal is just to be healthy and here. So it’s fun.”


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