It’s tennis, Venus, but not as we know it…


Originally published on: 26/02/10 14:14

It hardly sounds like the life of a Wimbledon champion, but this week Venus Williams swapped Centre Court for a car park.

Days after winning both the womens singles and doubles titles against, then with, little sis Serena – the Wold No.7 was soon jetting back home for her next match: a one-set shootout on a temporary court outside a shopping mall.

Venus was joining up with the Philadelphia Freedoms squad before their closely-fought 19-17 victory against the Delaware Smash. If that sounds about as far from the hallowed turf and traditions of the The Championships as you could get, thats because it is.

This is the world of World Team Tennis.

If it sounds as far from Wimbledon as you can get, thats because it is

Co-founded by American tennis legend Billie Jean King, nothing about WTT is traditional. Matches are co-ed affairs, featuring five one set rubbers mens and womens singles, doubles and a mixed doubles.

It might sound pretty normal, but that’s where it ends. Sets are first-to-five affairs, with a 9-point tie-break at 4-4, and games have no deuces.

The team with the most games from the five set scores combined winsas long as they win the final game of the whole match. Otherwise they enter


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