The professional game you might not know about…

The main tennis tour’s are the ATP Tour and the WTA Tour but before you see a player on television playing those huge tournaments they will have had to make their way through the ranks playing in their own country and then progressing into the first stages of the professional game.

Those first levels of the international game are organised by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) who manage the Men’s and Women’s tours.

The ITF Men’s Circuit offers 600+ tournaments across 70+ countries and incorporates two prize money levels of tournaments known as ‘Futures’.

Futures Tournaments are single week tournaments that offer either $15,000 or $25,000 each in prize money.

These tournaments must be scheduled in three consecutive weeks of $15,000 each in prize money or two consecutive weeks of $25,000 each in prize money.

The ITF Women’s Circuit offers some 500+ tournaments in 60+ countries worldwide and currently has five prize money levels: US$15,000, US$25,000, US$60,000, US$80,000 and US$100,000.

To find out all the tournaments played on the professional circuit just click the links below for Tennishead’s full tournament calendar’s for the Mens’ and Women’s ITF Pro Circuits in 2018:

ITF Men’s Pro Circuit calendar 2018 click here

ITF Women’s Pro Circuit calendar 2018 click here

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