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Improver racket review: Dunlop Biomimetic S8.0 Lite


Originally published on: 03/08/13 00:00

After bringing you the latest range of rackets directed at advanced and intermediate players in our last two issues, now it’s the turn of those who haven’t quite shed the tennis L-plates to sit up and take note.

One of nine improver frames we tested at Dukes Meadows indoor courts in West London, the Dunlop Biomimetic S8.0 Lite is designed for players with shorter swings.

RRP: £189.99
Length: 27.5 inches
DA (stiffness): 68 points
Head size: 115 sq. in
String pattern: 16 x 19
Unstrung weight: 254g
Beam: 26-30mm

What the experts say
This frame has everything needed in a beginners' racket – the head size creates a large sweet spot, it’s lightweight and the stiff frame delivers extra power.

What the testers say
The S8.0 was one of the more powerful rackets tested and although Jo felt it slightly chunky to swing she enjoyed the large forgiving sweet spot when she hit off-centre shots. Bobby also commented on the large head size and said he could keep the ball in court for a greater length of time than usual with this frame in his hand. "I felt like my rallies were much longer when I was using the Dunlop racket," he said. "I found power was easy to come by too.

What the manufacturer says
The S8.0 Lite is a brand new oversize racket for 2013, which is designed for players with shorter swings. Engineered to deliver high levels of power coupled with high levels of comfort, the S8.0 Lite is fully loaded with technology to deliver unrivalled power and comfort.


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