Julia Goerges former Wimbledon semi-finalist

‘I never lost sight of my dreams,’ says former Wimbledon semi-finalist after confirming retirement


Former Wimbledon semi-finalist and Julia Goerges has announced her retirement in an emotional post on social media.

Goerges reached the top ten during her career, peaking at number nine, but it was her run to the last four at Wimbledon in 2018 that was perhaps her finest moment in the game.

The German won 7 singles titles and 5 doubles crows during her career, and bows out at the age of just 31.

“You have given me so many different types of emotions throughout our journey and I am very thankful for everything you have shown and taught me.” Goerges said.

“I learnt how to deal with the toughest losses but also enjoy the most amazing wins of my career, to fight back many times when I was struggling with you and through it all we never lost sight of our dreams.

“I always knew how I would feel when it is time to say goodbye to you, and that moment has arrived.

“I am ready to close the tennis chapter of my life and open a new one, which I am really excited about.

“Thank you for everything you have given me. You will stay forever in my heart.”

Julia Goerges former Wimbledon semi-finalist
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