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How professional tennis players can promote GamStop program

There are two things you need to know here. The first one is that GamStop is an extremely successful, appealing, and desirable platform that helps bettors who have a gambling addiction and also gamblers with the same issue. The second thing is that tennis is more popular than ever before.

This means that tennis players can and should promote GamStop. How they can do it? Let’s find out.

GamStop: Some Facts You Need To Know First

There are a lot of things you need to know about GamStop. The first one is that this is a platform available in the United Kingdom. It works with all sports betting sites that have a UKGC license. This refers to casinos as well. At most casinos, you can bet on tennis so it is important to know this. 

GamStop is all about responsible gambling and getting help when gambling addiction occurs. In other terms, if you are worried about developing this issue, you can use GamStop. The idea is obvious now. You will create the account at GamStop and you will choose how long the self-exclusion will last. You can choose 6 months, 1 or 5 years if you like. There are no other options available right now. 

During the time of self-exclusion, you cannot place bets on tennis. Only once the exclusion is done you can remove it (you must contact support and wait one day) and place a new bet. Don’t forget that GamStop is available in the United Kingdom only and works with sites that have a UKGC licence. It means that online betting for GamStop punters is available on sports sites that are not on GamStop which operate in the UK. Those options are limited, but still available and some players who registered by accident use this option.

Tennis Players Should Promote GamStop In These Ways

If you know that tennis players are professionals when it comes to promotions you can deduce that there are a few ways they can do this. First of all, we would like to add that players should promote responsible gambling as well. This is a set of rules in which gamblers and bettors can make as many bets as they like but remain safe. They will not jeopardize their financial stability and they can have safe betting fun. That being said, here are a few methods tennis players can promote GamStop. 

Social Media

The first and the most effective method tennis players can do to promote GamStop is social media. If we know that tennis players have millions of followers and new ones are being added to their list, we can see how effective this would be. A single post related to GamStop would make a massive difference and help to increase awareness of responsible gambling. It will reach millions and most of the followers will share the post. This simply means that a single post will come in contact with a huge base of players who want to bet and who will need to know about GamStop.

Of course, a single post by one tennis player will be partially effective. The goal here is to have all successful tennis players post and cooperate with GamStop. Just imagine how many players or bettors will see the posts and react. 


Tennis players can promote GamStop on their t-shirts. This is one of the most effective methods and one that has been used for decades. All sports teams have sponsors on their t-shirts. We would like to see GamStop on the t-shirts as well. This would reach people who watch tennis matches, fans over TV, and a lot more. 

This is not an easy method to accomplish and there are a lot of variations. We Would like to see it present as soon as possible. 

Avoiding Gambling Ads 

Just promoting GamStop would be half of the story. Ideally, tennis players would avoid promoting gambling. This is something we all know about so there is no need to promote it. The idea here is simple. Players could promote GamStop but they don’t have to promote gambling online. This would be more than just effective it can make a massive difference.

Tennis fans like to own, do and have contact with anything athletes share. They share a lot of sponsors over the t-shirts. If there are no gambling ads or anything similar on the t-shirts you can deduce the outcome. Honestly, this is something that all sports teams and all athletes should support and start with it as soon as they can. It would make the world of sports much better and safer. 

The Final Word

Professional tennis players should promote GamStop and this is something they should start with today. They can promote it via social media, t-shirts, and also by avoiding promoting gambling. When all of these are present in combination or symbiosis the perks would be impressive. It would boost GamStop awareness and a lot of bettors would realize that GamStop is safe, appealing and something they should use. At the same time, this is the best way GamStop can come in contact with a lot of potential users. 

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