French Open

French Open is the “hardest Slam to win” claims official

The French Open Tournament Director has stated that he believes the tournament is the most difficult of the 4 Slams to triumph in


Guy Forget, himself a former world No.4 ranked player and now a top official at the French Open tournament, has stated that the mental and physical demands placed on players at Roland Garros make it the hardest of the 4 Grand Slam tournaments to win.

Forget was being interviewed after the conclusion of this year’s two week tournament when he was asked what would be the most impressive, to do what Nadal has done and win the French Open 13 times or to do what Djokovic has done and win all the Grand Slams twice each?

“But winning two Grand Slam every time is of course incredible, but in my mind, to win a Grand Slam like Roland Garros, which is probably the hardest one physically and mentally to win, to win it 12 times, I don’t know, and possibly a 13th time, I don’t think that record would ever be beaten again. It’s just beyond anything that anyone could have imagined, you know, 10 years ago.”

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