Novak Djokovic US Open 2021

Former Australian professional slams Novak Djokovic for his ‘contradictory’ Davis Cup views

Former player Sam Groth has lambasted Novak Djokovic for his “contradictory” views and comments regarding the new format and rumoured venue change of the Davis Cup.

There have been talks that the Davis Cup will be moved to Abu Dhabi instead of the multiple host city format that is currently being used, although these proposals have been met with a mixed reception from both players and captains alike.

When asked for his thoughts regarding the proposed changes, World Number one Novak Djokovic said “some people think we should stick to what the Davis Cup as a competition or as a format was before.

“I’m somewhere in between. I think you need to respect the tradition and the history, and you need to stick to the things that are recognisable that make this competition so important for the sport.

“At the same time you need to move forward and find new ways to improve the competition.”

Former Australian professional Sam Groth has since slammed Djokovic for his comments and labelled them as “contradictory”.

Groth told Australian television network Wide World of Sports that “I can tell you the sort of players who are going to show up to a 14-day event in Abu Dhabi.

“It is the ones that are currently defending the event that I’m sure are having some payment on the backside to support what is now called the Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals,” Groth claimed.

“This is not the Davis Cup but the players who are going to turn up are exactly like Novak Djokovic, in my opinion, who spoke up obviously rebutting Lleyton’s [Hewitt’s] comments about the tournament needing a change, it needs to be adjusted and needs to be played in different cities and then the finals in one city.

“I don’t have facts on this but I believe there is something going on with this group (Kosmos Tennis) is spending a lot of money and they have big financial backers in Abu Dhabi.

“Also for a guy who wants less tournaments throughout the year, a shorter season and to support something that goes into mid-December it is very contradictory.”

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