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Florian Mayer: Master of variation


Originally published on: 16/07/12 00:00

Here, the 28-year-old Bayreuth-native tells us why, bar a tweak here or there, he’s content with his unorthodox style.

Mayer on his big forehand backswing: 
When I was young some coaches tried [to coach me out of it] but I said I didn’t want to change. I wanted to play like I wanted and that was always my opinion.

On giving himself more time:
I’ve shortened my swing a bit in the last year so I can also play on a fast surface, and with movement I have no problems.

On changing his game:
I’m 30 years old next year so it’s tough to change anything but If I could, I would take a better serve – then I would be top 10 in the world! I have to say I’ve had a good career so far. I’m very happy with the way I’ve played in the last year so everything is good for me.

On what he likes most about his play:
It’s the variation I think. I can play slice, I can play fast, I can play drop shots, serve and volley. I can mix everything. I think it’s tough for my opponents sometimes.

On setting goals:
I take it step by step. It’s better for me. My short-term goal is just to play every match 100%, fight every match 100%.


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