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Fernando Verdasco: Me and My Racket


Originally published on: 20/02/13 00:00

Do you remember your first ever racket?
I was three years old when I got it and I only remember the colour – white!

How long have you played with Dunlop?
For two-and-a-half years, but I always had Dunlop rackets at home when I was a kid.

What do you like most about your Biomimetic M3.0? 
It is very fast through the air and has great control.

Are you interested in racket technology and customisation?
Of course! I want to know every development that can help improve my game. I have someone to [customise] it. He is much better than me! He adjusts the grips and the weight of the racket.

How many rackets do you take with you _ьon court?
Between six and eight. I like to have at least six in case the match goes long!

What strings and tensions do you use?
Luxilon strings at around 21-23 kg.

What conditions would make you change your string tension? 
The speed of the court and if it’s a heavy day, cloudy or rainy.

Do you use a vibration dampener?
No. I don’t like them.

Do you smash rackets often?
I did… I’m not proud of it but sometimes I get frustrated and it’s not easy to control your emotions.

Have you ever forgotten or lost any rackets?
One day I went to the court and I had no rackets to play [with]. I’d left my thermo bag in the locker-room!

What do you do with your old rackets when you’ve finished with them? 
I give them to friends, kids, fans – they are the ones using some of my rackets today. I also keep some of the frames for my personal collection.

What would you consider to be your best moment with a racket in hand?
Every morning I go on court. I am doing what I have wanted to do since I was born.

Padel tennis (played with perforated bats, instead of rackets) is huge in Spain. Have you played? _ь
Padel is a great game! It’s very social, easy to play and lots of fun. Everyone should try it!

Dunlop Biomimetic M3.0
Head size: 98 square inches
Length: 27 inches
Unstrung weight: 298 grammes
String pattern: 16×19
Cross section: 22mm

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