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Fans given opportunity to invest in professional tennis players journey to the top

If you’ve ever wanted a much closer, personal involvement with a tennis professional’s journey through the ranks, the launch of FANtium now gives tennis fans the opportunity to invest in a player’s career whilst empowering those players to own their success.

Dominic Thiem is amongst many tennis processionals who truly understands the costs and sacrifices required to reach the top in tennis, possibly the most competitive professional sport of them all. Thiem has said, “a season on the professional tennis tour is costly. Many young players are struggling, especially when their parents can’t afford their career”. Now he’s decided to do something about it by becoming involved with FANtium where fans can ‘take their fandom to the next level by investing in their favorite players, becoming part of their journey’.

On the back of recently raising $2m, FANtium enables tennis players to ‘tokenize a share of their future earnings and offer it to their fans. Early in their careers, they can raise the money they need to make it to the top and build a community to support them along the way.’



British ‘up and coming’ pro Felix Mischker is the first aspiring player to take advantage of the unique opportunity when he raised $52k from 170 fans in just a coupe of days. Mischler gained his first ATP point least season and is targeting a top 100 professional career. But he also understand the power of social media, being one half of the popular Tennis Brothers team who chronicle their tennis journey on YouTube.

Mischker said of his succesful fund raising with FANtium, “With the money raised I am going to invest in my team, to stay injury-free, to improve my tennis to the highest level possible and compete in tournaments around the world to achieve my goal of competing on the ATP tour in the days to come.”

But it’s the involvement in the player’s career after the initial funding where FANtium really gets interesting. Fans who invest can become part of the athlete’s inner community, unlocking unique perks and experiences, connecting them to their athletes like never before.

Two NFT Journeys exist. FANtium enables athletes to launch Season NFTs and Career NFTs.

  • Season NFTs are launched by professional players already earning prize money. They can use the upfront proceeds to make investments in their career, like hiring a fitness coach. Season NFTs entitle the holders to participate in the athlete’s next season’s earnings (typically prize money).
  • Career NFTs are launched by young up-and-coming players who need the capital to kickstart their career. They are not earning enough money to cover their costs, like travel and tournament entry fees. Career NFT holders will participate in the player’s earnings throughout their career
  • Each ownership token is stored on the Ethereum blockchain and can quickly and easily be transferred to somebody else.


FANtium Dominic Thiem


FANtium founder Jonathan Ludwig says, “There are billions of sports enthusiasts in the world who would love to invest in these athletes and become part of their journey.

“By connecting these talents with sports enthusiasts, we are making the sport more equal because as a young athlete, your success will no longer depend on your financial background.”

Besides Alexander Bublik, Thiem and Mischker, FANtium have told us that two new tennis players will be launching their investment opportunity on the platform in May, so to get involved or to learn more about this unique and exciting company, visit


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