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Exclusive: “A lot of sacrifice” – Corentin Moutet applauds the reality portrayed in Netflix documentary

Corentin Moutet, often outspoken person on the ATP tour, talked exclusively with Tennishead during the launch event for ASICS 2023 range where he spoke of his ambitions and thoughts on the Netlfix docuseries Break Point. 

Netflix released the first five episodes of the new tennis series yesterday, and while Moutet was not part of it, he supported the idea of having a more behind the scenes view of the life of being a professional tennis player.

“We are doing a lot of sacrifices, and it is a lonely life and we need to make sure we are talking more to the players about how they feel and what they need. Like Netflix did for Formula One, many people discovered the behind the scenes, and saw that it was not as easy as they think. Because people only see the beautiful tournaments, and that is not the reality 90% of the time. Just to make it more realistic, I like realistic things, I don’t like science-fiction.”

The Frenchman spoke of the aims he sets himself every year, and while he did not quite achieve his aim in 2022 he did gain a career high ranking of No.51.

“We set some goals with my team about ranking, but I don’t really focus on this because the most important thing is about the work you put in everyday and the dedication you will put with your team about your game. At the same time, we are doing it to improve the ranking, so that we can play bigger and better tournaments. Last year the goal was to end up in top 50, and I think the next step will be to be seeded at Grand Slam’s.”

Moutet seems to thrive in packed and lively crowds, and proved that this year by reaching the fourth round of the US Open and the third round of the Paris Masters.

“My ranking was not that good at one part of the season, so I had to play some challengers, but every time I have the chance to play ATP, I play ATP. I like to play with the bigger crowd, and I like to play in the bigger tournaments, my goal is always to play the biggest tournament that my ranking will allow me to.”

Moutet will get his chance to step up to the big stage again at the Australian Open next week, when he kicks off his campaign against Yibing Wu.

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