Tennis Fighters tennis video game

Do online tennis games really compete with the real thing?

Tennis has millions of fans all over the world, and it’s no surprise that this sport inspires many video games. Even the early days of gaming that revolved around arcades had tennis titles.

After all, this is a very competitive sport, so software designers don’t have to reinvent the wheel when developing these games. However, this can be a very demanding sport, and it’s difficult to muster enough stamina to last for a whole match. As a result, many tennis fans that don’t have what it takes to play turn to games in order to fill this void. So, let’s see what some of the most popular online tennis games and whether they can compete with the real thing are.

Tennis Theme Online Slots

Slots are currently the most played content in both land-based and online casino sites. Slots are also known for having different themes, and it’s not surprising that there is more than one tennis-themed slot. Tennis fans can play these slots on live casino sites, and they can even claim bonuses that can help them win real money rewards. It’s always advised that you try the game in its demo mode first.  This way you can see whether you like it, and you get a feel for how frequently you can win.

Virtual Tennis

Another type of online game that has to do with this sport is virtual tennis. This is mainly for sports betting purposes, but gambling enthusiasts love it because it is very dynamic. It is a match simulator that doesn’t last as nearly as the actual tennis game, which makes it more appealing. You can play virtual tennis in OneStep casino if you want to see what is all about. Bear in mind that this online casino operator has a lot more to offer, so feel free to browse their other games as well. You can also claim bonuses to avoid spending your earnings.

VR Tennis

Playing video games excessively is considered a bad thing, but at the same time, games might be able to help you work through some of your problems. Some scientists even suggest it can be used for the treatment of addiction in athletes or other people with drug abuse problems. Games can be very captivating, which can help you get your mind off of other problems and avoid triggers that make you use drugs.

VR games can be incredibly immersive, and we live in a world where hardware engineers are actively working on perfecting this technology. Currently, Mark Zuckerberg is investing in Pro VR headset, that will likely be used for his metaverse project. There are a few tennis VR games that you can play online. These are Tennis League VR and The Real Tennis Simulator. Both of them really resemble how the Nintendo Wii version of this game. In other words, you aren’t sitting while you play but actually move around the room, which is great if you need to say active.

How do These Games Compare to the Real Thing?

Compared to other sports titles, tennis never stacked up well. Fifa, NBA, NFL, and other sports titles released by EA Sports have always dominated the market. That being said, there is an array of tennis games, which means they were successful enough in order for developers to try again. As far as the real competition is concerned, it has a massive international popularity. Many celebrities attend tournaments and gambling enthusiasts love to bet on these matches. So, it’s really difficult, even for an immersive VR game to compete with that.


To sum up, almost all of the tennis games feel vastly different compared to the actual sport. Luckily, the VR titles are making a lot of headway to faithfully recreate this experience. So, it’s hard to tell just how big these new VR titles will be in the future. They will definitely keep the players active and get them to sweat. Virtual sports matches are also very popular, and during the pandemic, sports betting fans didn’t have other options. As a result, Virtual tennis really boomed during tha

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