Djokovic: I love watching the different BBC options


Originally published on: 26/06/12 00:00

That is particularly true at Wimbledon, where the world No.1 says he can “watch 10 different courts, which is really great.”

Djokovic, who is defending his title at the All England Club, said that he found it difficult to get away from tennis during a tournament.  “It’s very hard, especially during Grand Slams, because you do spend a lot of time, especially during your off days, resting back in the house or in your apartment or wherever you stay and then watching a lot of tennis,” Djokovic said.

“It’s not an obligation, but that’s what we love to do because this is our life, our sport. I love spending time watching the different BBC options. I can watch 10 different courts, which is really great. You’re in that zone, in that mode. Even when you’re not playing you’re still thinking about tennis, you’re preparing yourself mentally for that match. When are you going to wake up? How are you going to feel? What are you going to do before the match, after the match, during the match?

“All these things go through your mind. But everybody has a different way of preparing themselves with different strategies. I like sometimes to go to golf or just to ride a bike in the nature, or walk through nature, because I think that’s something that recharges my batteries, gives me energy.”

He added: “There’s so much nature around here in the Wimbledon area. The park is beautiful. That’s something that keeps my mind at ease a little bit and recharges me.”

Before Wimbledon Djokovic took his girlfriend on a surprise break to Gleneagles in Scotland.  “I went to Scotland when I played the Davis Cup in Glasgow [in 2006],” he said. “But I didn’t have the chance to see how beautiful the country really is. The countryside is quite remarkable. We went to visit the William Wallace monument and we saw the historic culture and travelled around. We really liked it, although it rained for the two days – which was expected in a way! I’ll definitely be back.”


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