Daria Kasatkina rant

Daria Kasatkina tells fan to ‘get a life’ over infamous ‘f**k tennis’ rant

Daria Kasatkina has told a fan to ‘get a life’ on Twitter after she was questioned over her decision to play in an exhibition event in China.

Kastakina has been confirmed as one of the line-up for the first ever MGM Macau Tennis Masters along with Borna Coric, Tallon Griekspoor, Taylor Fritz, Zhang Zhizhen and Xinyu Wang.

The event is an exhibition scheduled for December 2-3 and will have a ten-point tiebreak instead as a decider instead of a third set if required, as well as a mixed doubles match as well.

Following the announcement, though, one on X (formerly Twitter) questioned her inclusion, especially after her lengthy recent video rant about how constant travelling is exhausting her.

“Didn’t Kasatkina put out an entire vlog crying about the hardships of tennis calendar and travelling?” an X user asked?

She answered the query calmly, saying she was feeling better after two weeks off and thanks the user for his concern, but it wasn’t left there.

“This whole “I want to pick and choose when and where to play but be paid as if I played every single tournament week” attitude is getting tiresome,” the fan replied, and that was when Kasatkina started fighting back.

“Tiresome?” the WTA star said. “So you can blame players because they “complain” and “crying” but you are tired from what? Spending 24/7 on twitter? get a life.”

Daria Kasatkina “f*ck tennis” rant

Scheduling in tennis has always been a bugbear with tennis players, with the logistics of the WTA and ATP Tours considered some of the most challenging in sport.

This year, though, Kasatkina had a particularly tough experience in Asia which resulted in her not getting any rest for three weeks.

She took to the YouTube channel she shares with figure skater girlfriend Natalia Zabilako and vented about her experience and the lack of support she was given by tournament organisers.

“F**k, arrived to [China] Masters and they meet only from one airport, they don’t meet you from another,” she said in Russian.

“So I played in Tokyo last night and it was impossible to fly in the evening. So I need to fly the next day. Flight at 10am so I need to arrive earlier, so that I have time to practice because on Sunday, tomorrow, I have to play.

“And in order to do this, a flight that is suitable, it arrives to another airport, but you will not be picked up from there. And now we have been sitting here for about 40 minutes trying to figure it out, trying to withdraw money.

“Honestly, I’m f**king knackered, f*ck tennis, the game of tennis itself is the simplest thing we do. Everything else is just completely f**king bull***t.

“I can’t travel anymore, I can’t pack my things, I can’t f**king…..these planes, moving. When you can’t communicate with people from different countries, constantly change f**king beds, constantly packing and unpacking bags, every f**king week, I just can’t do it anymore.

“I’m f**king knackered. My body is just telling me to f*ck off already, for the third time in a month and a half I have a sore throat and in general condition is incompressible.

“In terms of life logistics, there is no worse sport in the whole world, it’s just complete bull***t.”

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