ASICS Court FF3 Novak Djokovic

Could this be the ‘best tennis shoe ever’? ASICS launch the Court FF 3 featuring industry first technology

For two years Novak Djokovic has been secretly working with the design team from leading tennis footwear brand ASICS helping them create the latest version of their iconic tennis shoe, the ASICS Court FF3

In his own words it’s the level of dedication to his chosen sport that has played a huge part in making Novak Djokovic possibly the greatest tennis player of all time. That determination to succeed carries across literally every element of his life, so we shouldn’t be surprised when we hear about the level of analysis, research and detail that has gone into the design and manufacture of the ASICS Court FF3, the tennis shoe that Novak Djokovic will wear as he goes about his business of adding more Grand Slam singles titles to his current tally of 21.

ASICS Court FF3 Novak Djokovic

The Court FF3 is ASICS premium tennis shoe and is targeted at a tennis player wanting to both grind away at the baseline but also attack the net and cover all parts of the tennis court. The technology in the shoe starts its’ life in the ASICS Institute of Sports Science in Kobe, Japan, where over 100 sports scientists work on designing and creating technology to go into every ASICS shoe.

For the new Court FF3, those designers have been consulting closely with the Serbian star for over two years and at one point had 9 different prototypes of the shoe which Djokovic tested at various points of their production process to feedback the detail of where they had got it right or where they needed to make changes.

The Court FF3 includes an outsole that is split into 3 separate parts which was created to aid the sort of dynamic movement that players must make when they are trying to cover the whole court. This is different to other tennis shoes that normally have a one piece outsole or a split outsole.

ASICS Tennishead review Court FF3

This new outsole technology has given a 7% reduction in stress on the body according to test carried out at their research facility.

The Court FF shoe also features a unique monosock design that enables the foot to be held firmly in place thanks to an inbuilt sock construction thus adding stability as the player slides around the court.

ASICS also created the TwissTruss technology that is included in the Court FF shoe. “The science of TWISTRUSS technology provides improved bend and twist which minimizes power loss when the foot is bending and twisting. It resists torsion with rigid integrity and returns energy for faster side to side motion.”

Tennishead were one of the first to be able to test out the new ASICS Court FF3 shoe when we visited the official shoe launch in Marbella alongside Novak Djokovic himself. We’ll be publishing the results of that testing within our full review of the shoe very soon.

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