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Can Djokovic serve faster than a race car?


Originally published on: 12/01/13 00:00

We like a good technological development here at tennishead and when there’s a unique and fun launch to go with it, well, to put it simply … we’re sold.

Djokovic was at his jovial best at the launch of his new racket, the HEAD Graphene Speed, and after managing to serve a ball to the track's finish line quicker than the Audi race car, the Serb took time to speak about his new bat.

“I look forward to playing with my new racket at the Australian Open,” Djokovic said. “It feels lighter but provides me with maximum speed and control on each swing. And I love the new design, too!”

The stand out feature of the new HEAD Speed is its use of Graphene technology. The material is said to be extremely lightweight but with a breaking strength 200 times greater than steel. Or as HEAD put it, “stronger than diamond, lighter than feather.” The unique material reduces weight in the middle section of the racket by distributing it more evenly throughout the frame, allowing its user to generate more power with less effort.

To read more about the HEAD Graphene Speed then make sure to check out the 2013 April issue of tennisead magazine, where we will be reviewing all the new advanced rackets on the market this year.

Check out the footage from the event below:


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