Boris Becker US Open 2015

Grand Slam legend Boris Becker facing prison after guilty verdict in insolvency trial

Former world number one and three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker has been found guilty of four charges under the Insolvency Act relating to his 2017 bankruptcy leaving him facing the possibility of prison.

The German, who was declared bankrupt in June 2017 over an unpaid loan of more than three million on his estate in Mallorca, was accused of hiding millions of pounds worth of assets to avoid paying his debts. In total, Becker faced a total of 24 different charges, all of which he denied.

He was acquitted of  20 charges at Southwark Crown court this week, including being cleared of nine counts of failing to hand over trophies and medals from his tennis career, including two of his three Wimbledon trophies and his two from the Australian Open.

However, under the Insolvency Act, Becker was found guilty of the removal of of property after he split up £350,000 between nine recipients including both his ex-wives Barbara and Sharlely ‘Lilly’ Becker.

He was also convicted of trying to conceal the ownership of his a £1.8 million villa in his native Germany, as well as ownership of 75,000 Data Corp shares. In addition, he was found guilty, whilst being bankrupt, of concealing debt. This was in the form of a £688,000 loan owed by him to the Bank Alpinum of Lichtenstein.

The chief executive of the Insolvency Service reacted to the hearing stating, “This conviction serves as a clear warning to those who think they can hide their assets and get away with it. You will be found out and prosecuted.”

Conversely, the six-time Grand Slam champion told reporters that he would not be commenting on the verdict. Boris Becker is set to have a sentencing hearing on the 29th April.

Each of the four counts upon which he has been found guilty carries a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.

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