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Originally published on: 26/02/10 15:04

Some of the biggest names ever to play the game are in London this week fighting it out at the Aussie legend Peter McNamara

Today I woke up a little cross. It was early and the alarm broke a really nice dream about being on the beach in Australia. My body was aching and it was early. The tournament management have been very kind to me this week, though, and my schedule has been light, so things could be a lot worse.

After an invigorating black coffee with a couple of sugars, I got in one of the tournament cars to go to a pro-am for BlackRock guests at the Harbour Club in Chelsea. It is a really special opportunity for the clients to be able to play with us. John McEnroe was also there, and thankfully he looks worse than me in the mornings!

After the pro-am I went back to the hotel and went shopping with my wife Petra. We went to Harvey Nichols and walked and walked. Petra kept looking in the windows of very expensive jewellery stores but I made sure she kept walking.

I am now sitting in the Players Lounge in the basement of the Albert Hall with some of my friends, waiting for my match. I will need to go and get some treatment on my knee before the match and will have something to eat.

I am playing against Mansour Bahrami which is always fun. My partner will be Jamie Murray so I am looking forward to having someone less than half my age on my side to do most of the running even though I have some very trendy go-faster orange shoes. All in all, its been another great day in London at the BlackRock Masters.

By the way, I am still a little grumpy though.

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