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Originally published on: 26/02/10 15:04

Some of the biggest names ever to play the game are in London this week fighting it out at the popular Frenchman Henri Leconte

I am so happy to be in London again at the Royal Albert Hall I am one of the very few players who have attended every year and its one of my favourite of the year.

Its great to be able to catch up with all the players who I havent seen for a while and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of this event. It is such an incredible venue, unlike any other I have ever played in.

My friend Eddie Jordan has come along to support me today, who I havent seen for a long time. I only arrived from France this morning and have already played one match this afternoon and then I have another one tonight, so I am pretty tired. I can relax a bit more tomorrow though as I have a free day and then a match in the evening.

This year I am playing only doubles so it will be a bit less tiring for me than in previous years where Ive always been in the singles tournament too.

I enjoy the doubles as its more relaxed and the crowd gets into it much more than the singles, especially when Mansour Bahrami is on court! It also means I can enjoy myself a bit more in the evenings and not take the tennis quite so seriously!

I am staying at Blakes Hotel, which I love its a really nice place, with very friendly staff who are getting to know me pretty well by now. I even had my birthday party there in the summer during Wimbledon and they were very accommodating!

Its so nice to be able to do some Christmas shopping and its a great time of the year to be in London. My wife is coming to stay tomorrow so my credit card bill will go up drastically! Now we have so many children she will be spending all my money in Hamleys buying them presents I hope she gets me something too though!

Bon Noel, Henri

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