Australian Open 2021

ATP Chairman ‘hopes’ unvaccinated stars can undergo quarantine at Australian Open


The ATP Chairman admits he hopes the government will allow non-vaccinated players to compete at the Australian Open after a period of isolation.

The Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi has admitted that the rules for the Australian Open are out of his hands, though suggested that unvaccinated stars should be allowed to compete.

Australian ministers have been at loggerheads over Covid-19 regulations for the event, with Australian PM Scott Morrison suggesting unjabbed stars can compete provided they undergo quarantine, whilst Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews wants them banned.

World number one Novak Djokovic has refused to reveal his vaccination status and has been coy on his participation at the Grand Slam.

Gaudenzi told L”Equipe: “We have known for a few days that you cannot go to Australia if you are not vaccinated. That can still change but it is their tournament.

“If they decide to organise it with this rule, we can do nothing. The problem is with the players who will not be vaccinated.

“I cannot answer for him [Djokovic] but we hope that the government will authorise non-vaccinated players to play after two weeks in isolation. But that is a government decision above us.

“For Novak, it is a personal decision. But you have to think about the vast majority of players who are vaccinated and want to play.”

Gaudenzi went on to discuss the number of stars who are already vaccinated, and predicts the overwhelming majority of players to be jabbed by the start of the Australian Open.

“The good news is that the percentage is increasing steadily,” said Gaudenzi.

“We are already at 70 per cent. We hope to arrive at 95 per cent or 98 per cent in two months.”

Australian Open 2021
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