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Ask tennishead: Which racket should I buy?


Originally published on: 26/02/10 16:34

This is the bit of the website that normally deals with problems that crop up on court, but just the other day we had an email asking for some advice about buying a new racket.

We got in touch with our resident racket guru, Mr Darren Powell, from sports retailer PWP in Wimbledon, who used his expertise to choose three suitable rackets.

Alan emailed to ask
I’m still playing social tennis at 75 years of age and I’m looking for a racket that would help me produce more power from a shortened and relatively slow swing. Have you any advice or suggestions? Ive been using a Wilson Hammer 2.9 for many years.

And heres Darrens advice
With regards to your emailer, Wilson, Head and Prince all offer the kind of frame he is looking for. All the rackets I suggest suit a slower/shorter swing and will hopefully keep Alan on court for years to come! These are the three I would suggest he tries:

Head Crossbow 6
260g, 111-sq-inch head and similar weight to the Hammer 2.9 but with a head-light balance for manoeuvrability. The larger head size also gives a bigger sweetspot and a touch more power.

Wilson K3 FX
253g, 115-sq-inch head. This is light and powerful with probably a similar balance to his old Hammer 2.9 (head heavy). This also has good frame-dampening so its kind on the arm!

272g, 118-sq-inch head. Again, generous sweetspot and quite powerful. Also has a head-heavy balance similar to the Hammer 2.9. This racket is due in at PWP at the end of August.

With thanks to Darren from PWP, 273 Wimbledon Park Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 6NW

Visit the PWP website for more info.


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