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Originally published on: 18/06/13 00:00

Can I put my tennis shoes in the washing machine?
It’s not recommended because the enzymes in the detergent break down the glues and materials and reduce the life and durability of your shoes. To keep the inside of your shoe fresh, you can remove the sock-liner or insole and wash it separately. Clean surface mud and grit with warm water and a gentle, anti-grease soap, using an old toothbrush. To dry your shoes, don’t place them near a radiator – direct heat will alter the shape of the shoe. Stuff the shoe with kitchen paper or newspaper and leave for at least 12 hours to dry. By looking after your ASICS shoes in this way, you’ll keep them in top condition so you can just get on with enjoying your game.

I am lucky enough to play on grass during the summer season, but I don't want to buy grass-specific shoes. Can I buy a shoe that will take me from hard to grass? 

For a shoe that will give great performance across all surfaces it is better to choose a shoe that features an outsole optimised for grip on omnicourts – this will give you good grip on both grass and hard courts. ASICS has developed a range of tennis shoes to suit different surfaces from synthetic to grass to clay courts. We also have tennis shoes that can be used across a variety of surfaces making them extremely versatile. ASICS tennis shoes are packed full of the latest technologies allowing them to offer optimum support and cushioning. The AHAR rubber outsole on the ASICS GEL-Resolution 5 has been thickened in the highest wear areas to increase durability, while the outsole rubber wraps around the shoe give superior grip and stability.

I have very narrow feet. What is more important when finding a shoe that fits properly – the width or the length? 

Both width and length are equally important when choosing the right tennis shoe. To cope with the extreme lateral movements needed on a tennis court it is crucial to get a good fit to prevent blisters. The Heel Clutch counter technology in the ASICS Gel-Solution Speed and Gel-Resolution 5 works alongside memory foam in the heel to give a customised fit around the ankle bone while lowering the risk of irritation and increasing support. The flexion in the toe box allows for flexibility and breathability in the upper without compromising support. It is important to try different shoes so you can find the best fit for you. The ASICS flagship store in London offers our Foot ID service – the advanced 3D Foot Mapping System uses laser and micro cameras to create a 3D scan of your foot to help find the shoes that are best suited to you.



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