Ask Anne: Keothavong answers your questions


Originally published on: 24/01/11 00:26

How difficult was it to maintain your composure against the ill-tempered Arina Rodionova in the first round of the 2011 Aussie Open? (Karen, Melbourne)
I just had to focus on myself and pay no attention to her antics. I was pumped to win the match regardless.

Did you see any good movies on your way to/from Oz? (Louise, Brighton)
The only time I seem to watch any movies is when I’m on a long haul flight. I watched a few but I can’t remember the names! I watched the first series of Glee for the first time too – not sure I should have confessed to that though!

Are you a fan of Graeme Swann, and if so why? (Shane, Bridport)
I’m a huge fan of Graeme Swann! Someone told me to watch his video diaries during the Ashes and I just thought he was hilarious. I don’t know much about cricket but I know he’s funny and I like funny people.

How long does a pair of tennis shoes normally last you? (Tim, Southend)
Less than a week! Wilson supply me with my tennis shoes and that’s what takes up the most room in my bags when I travel.

Have you ever had an ice bath? (Ariadne, Cullompton)
Yes but I don’t like them. In fact, I don’t think anyone likes them.

Do you think playing in qualies helped you in your main draw performance at the 2011 AO? (Sara G, Hackney)
It wasn’t such a bad thing to go through qualies because you build on confidence with each win, but physically, it does catch up with you if you want to go further in the tournament.

Did you like Venus Williams AO dress that was inspired by Alice in Wonderland? (Maggie, Birmingham)
Errmmm…. No. It’s not something I would ever choose to wear. I’m a little bit more conservative in the way I dress!

Do you wear sunscreen when you play? (Eloise, Suffolk)
All the time. I use factor 30 at least when I’m outdoors in the sun.

Do you enjoy the post match press conferences and what’s the most difficult question you have ever been asked? (Barry, East London)
Its part of my job and I don’t have a problem with answering most questions. Obviously, after losing a tennis match, it’s more difficult.

Which male tennis player do you currently most enjoy watching and why? (Kathleen, Dorset)
Rafa Nadal is my favourite player to watch along with Gael Monfils and Jo-Wilfred Tsonga.To keep up to date with Anne’s progress see


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