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ASICS Court FF Novak ‘Limited Edition’ review

The ASICS Court FF shoe is the premium trainer in the ASICS tennis range and has been developed in close collaboration with Novak Djokovic and now a limited edition design has been launched which we were excited to try out.


Novak Djokovic is a proud Serbian so what better way to celebrate this heritage than wearing a shoe designed with the Serbian flag as inspiration. ASICS call the Court FF their ‘best of both playing styles’ shoe which is a weighty claim as basically they are saying that this shoe should be ideal for every tennis player out there. However, this same shoe also has to suit the demands of World No.1 Novak Djokovic with his unique style of athleticism on the tennis court. We were eager to find out if the manufacturers claims could be substantiated when put under the microscope of an independent test and review.


The technology

ASICS Court FF Novak Limited EditionAccording to Novak Djokovic, “Not just in tennis but probably in all sports, ASICS have the best shoe technology in the world. It feels comfortable knowing that there is a great team of experts at ASICS that are not only very passionate about tennis but also very knowledgable.”

The MONOSOCK™ is probably the biggest difference between the Court FF and other ASICS shoes. In essence it’s an in-built sock inside the shoe that aims to “provide increased comfort by holding the foot and ankle in place”. This is unique for tennis shoes and goes a long way to explain Novak Djokovic’s ability to slide so comfortably on all surfaces.

When we spoke to ASICS about the FLYTEFOAM™ technology used in the Court FF, they said it’s “the lightest midsole material ASICS creates, specifically designed for tennis, providing more cushioning from start to finish of the game. The high rebound property of the foam means more speed for the all-court player compared to lower density midsole materials.”

The shoe also features the TWISTRUSS™ System, which ASICS says helps with “extra flexibility while allowing the foot a full range of movement.”


Our expert shoe tester for this review is Austin who ‘likes to win the point at the net’, has been running around a tennis court for 15 years and who’s current shoes are the ASICS Gel Resolution 8.

Now watch our play test video as Austin tries out the new shoe on court:

When you first opened the box of these limited edition shoes what was your impression of the design?

“I think they look really nice. The white and the red goes really well together especially if you are wearing white socks. I’m a big fan of this design and would definitely buy these myself.”


And then when you tried on the shoe what was your feedback on the comfort and fit?

“When I first tried on these shoes i found them quite tight around the ankle but once my foot was in the shoe i found them really comfortable and especially snug around the ankle. The material inside the shoe is very soft and gives good support which I like.”


You then had a warm up before you started playing. How did the shoes feel for these first movements?

“When I first started my warm up the shoes felt very secure around the ankle. they did fee a little loose around the foot but maybe I could have tightened the laces more.”


As you started hitting balls from the baseline what was your feeling on the shoe’s performance?

“Tennis players are always worried about their ankles wanting them to be supported and I think these shoes definitely offered that.”


Novak Djokovic Olympics Japan Toky 2020 ASICS Court FF LEAnd if you were made to reach wider on the court to play a groundstroke, how did these shoes respond?

“When I was pushed really wide on the baseline these shoes gave me the option to slide but they also offered very good grip which allowed me to bounce back into position.”


You then practised some drills moving forwards and backwards on the court to hit volleys. How were the shoes?

“These shoes fell equally comfortable whether you are moving side to see or forwards and backwards.”


ASICS say this shoe should suit a variety of types of player from baseliners to attacking net players. What style of player do you think these shoes would suit?

“I think these shoes would suit a variety of different styles of player. If you are a baseline player then they offer good support around the ankle when moving side to side but if you attack the net then they also felt great when moving forwards on the court.”


The colourway of this shoe is inspired by the colours of the Serbian flag and the floral design on the heel counter and midsole symbolizes the emotion a blooming feeling of triumph during competition.Do you like that?

“The floral graphic looks great. You can’t see it when you are wearing the shoe but when you take the shoe off it looks great. I really like the writing that says ‘Inspired Together’ on the inside of the tongue of the shoe. It’s a nice touch that ASICS didn’t have to add but I really like it.”


These shoes retail for £155. Is that a fair price?

“The price is a little expensive but they are a top of the range shoe worn but one of the greatest players ever so it’s a fair price. If they are good enough for Novak then they are good enough for me!”


You normally wear the blue version of the Court FF Novak shoe. How do you think this limited edition style compares?

“The limited edition design of this shoe has much more detail on it which you can see on the inside of the shoe with the floral graphic and the writing. Personally I prefer the white colour because it gives you more colour matching options with your clothing.”


In conclusion

It’s apparent from our testers feedback that the ‘monosock’ woven into these shoes makes the Court FF Novak Limited Edition different to anything else on the market. The snugness of your foot within the shoe might initially feel tight but then quickly the shoe becomes very comfortable with a large degree of added stability when moving around the court. Even sliding on a hard court felt natural which isn’t always the case with other shoes.

The obvious lightness of the ASICS Court FF also stood out to our tester especially when compared to other shoes on the market. Therefore it seems fair to conclude that ASICS have hit the nail on the head with the two key requirements of stability and weight that a modern tennis player demands from their shoe.


Buy these shoes

Head over to to purchase your own pair men’s ASICS Court FF Novak Limited Edition tennis shoes


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