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Andy Murray versus_Ñ_ Keith Lemon?


Originally published on: 26/06/12 00:00

Andy Murray took to the London skyline this week to promote adidas' 'Take the Stage' campaign ahead of this summer's Games. The British Olympian is used to tough challenges and after taking on Keith Lemon in a game of Swingball the Brit described the comic as unlike anyone he’s faced before.

“It was good fun, and he's actually pretty decent at Swingball,” said the world No.4. “He's got a solid backhand although I wasn't convinced by those short shorts.”

We're used to seeing a business-like Murray on our screens at this time of year but comedian Lemon managed to extract some smiles from the Brit, who found the Swingball wrapped around his neck at one point.

“If you win a gold will you have a proper smile?” teased Lemon, to which Murray responded, “I never smile anyway.”

The video was shot on the roof of a London building overlooking the Olympic Park, where Murray is hoping to stay during London 2012.

“I was not only close to winning against Murray, but I made him smile,” said the former Bo Selecta star. “I think he pretends he's miserable. He’s actually very funny. Not as funny as me though. And I don’t think he looks as good in tight shorts. But he is pretty good with his balls. I think I’m now going to watch Wimbledon. You also get to see fit girls in short skirts don’t you! Go Murray.”

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