Andy Murray Emma Raducanu 2022

Andy Murray open to coaching Emma Raducanu once he retires from playing

Andy Murray has named Emma Raducanu as one of the players he would most like to coach should he go down that route after he finishes playing.

Murray spent three years desperately fighting for his career due to a hip injury, although that has now finally been resolved thanks to resurfacing surgery.

It did force him to confront a life after playing much earlier than most players, though, and he has always said he would consider the coaching route.

Should he decide to go into that after he retires, he has named Emma Raducanu and a pair of top ATP youngsters among those he’d love to work with.

“Female player would be Emma [Raducanu] and male player would be between [Carlos] Alcaraz, [Stefanos] Tsitsipas and Jack Draper,” Murray said.

“They work hard, they seem like they love the sport. Alcaraz and Tsitsipas haven’t won a slam yet. They’re obviously still very young and I think they have the potential to do it.”

Andy Murray has already gone into bat for Emma Raducanu before, with him urging the media to show her more understanding in the lead-up to Wimbledon.

“I think there needs to be a level of trust and respect between the player and the media,” Murray said

“I also had problems early in my career where maybe certain things that I said got taken out of context or jokes that I might have made turned into big stories and big headlines where it turned things a bit sour and negative.

“Just let her be who she is, and you know, she might say some things that are a joke or that she maybe doesn’t mean or whatever.

“There’s a few people in this room I’m sure when they were 18, 19, made some mistakes and did some things they shouldn’t have done and said some things they definitely shouldn’t have said, and athletes are the same.

“We will make mistakes and say the wrong thing at times but just maybe don’t judge us too harshly when we do that and I’m sure that would help Emma a little bit.”

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Michael Graham, Editor, has been a professional sports journalist for his whole career and is especially passionate about tennis. He's been the Editor of for over 5 years and loves watching live tennis by visiting as many tournaments as possible. Michael specialises in writing in-depth features about the ATP & WTA tours.