Andy Murray Miami Open 2022

Andy Murray on potential retirement date: ‘I have a few more years left in me’


Andy Murray has predicted he has ‘a few more years’ left in his career as tennis prepares to say farewell to Roger Federer.

Murray will be a Team Europe teammate of Federer’s at the Laver Cup, in which the 41-year-old will play his final professional match.

Federer’s retirement will begin the end of the ‘big four’ era which has seen the Swiss star dominate men’s tennis along with Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Murray.

However, Andy Murray has assured fans that he has no retirement plans of his own just yet.

“It’s alright, I’m getting on a bit now but my body still feels alright,” Murray said. “I’ll try myself to keep going and hopefully got a few more years left in me.

“Yeah, I mean, for me the last few years, yeah, I think as you get older as athletes and with some of the physical issues, yeah, you do think about, you know, what if or when should you stop and when is the right moment and how would you like it to be.

“It’s impossible to know, I think. But this, to me, I don’t know — maybe it doesn’t feel the same way for Roger, but I think it feels right, like, seeing him and Rafa on the same side of the net together and finishing their careers as a team in this event with, you know, Bjorn on the side of the court, John McEnroe there, Rod Laver in the stands.

“Is going to be a really cool way to end an incredible career. I have thought about it myself, but I don’t think there’s many better ways to go out than like this.”

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