Andy Murray Emma Raducanu Wimbledon

‘Andy Murray is so good to talk to,’ says Emma Raducanu

Emma Raducanu says she has come to appreciate the mentoring of Andy Murray, admitting his experience has become invaluable to her.

Raducanu shot to instant stardom after winning the US Open in 2021, igniting a fresh new interest in British tennis similar to that when Murray himself climbed to the top.

That has brought its own pressures, though, with the media spotlight firmly fixed on her and expectations pushing down on her shoulders. She, though, knows she can turn to someone who has also been through it.

“Andy Murray is so good to talk to because he’s been through pretty much what I’ve been going through,โ€ Raducanu told Grazia.

“I have always looked up to him and watched him winning his first Wimbledon and the Olympics.”

One thing that Andy Murray can certainly offer insight on is the cruel and sometimes fickle nature of tennis.

He was top of the world rankings in 2017 when he was struck with a major hip injury that has decimated his career since. Emma Raducanu knows she canโ€™t take anything for granted too, but she also believes it can work the other way too.

“[In tennis] it could look like it’s all going down, down, down and just not getting any better,” she said. “But it can all change so fast.

“Just one match can have a big influence on your confidence and once you have confidence and the momentum comes, you feel like you can’t lose.

“It’s a very individual sport – people are friendly but it’s difficult to be really close with those you’re competing with.โ€

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